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Adapted Athlete of the Month: Cor'Rales Dupree

Cor’Rales Dupree is amazing on and off the court. Dupree has made it his personal mission to take a stand against gun violence and domestic violence starting in his hometown, Richmond, Virginia. In 2012 Dupree was celebrating Thanksgiving with his family ready to head to the mall for the great black Friday sales. Holidays are usually a time to rejoice one another and celebrate the good times, however this Thanksgiving took a dark turn. Dupree was just 16 years old when he got shot by his mothers ex-boyfriend after he became enraged from being unable to make it to the black Friday sales. Dupree was heroically shielding his mother and his younger brother- who was just 10 at the time. It took months of multiple surgeries and endless hours of rehabilitation until Dupree would be released. Dupree had to relearn how to walk, run and live his everyday life as a above the knee amputee. Returning to his family and varsity football team was his daily motivation.

“I started running on a prosthetic leg made by Hanger and was cleared by doctors to play football for Thomas Dale High school, however I never returned to play football in high school.” Has

Dupree later learned about a camp specifically for amputees where he learned that there really are no limits.

“Instead [of returning to football], after I graduated I went to Camp No Limits at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. At Camp No Limits I tried sled hockey which was my first time playing adaptive sports.”

Camp No Limits really opened Duprees eyes. Back in Richmond he was introduced to Sportables , a nonprofit that provides adaptive sports and recreation opportunities, where he began his career in wheelchair basketball. From Sportable, Dupree continued his athletic career at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where he is about to go into his Junior Year. Dupree says:

“I love the opportunities [that adaptive sports provides] such as playing for fun, in college and at the olympic level, I also love the competitive nature of the athletes.”

Moving forward, Dupree hopes to see..

“Our athletes getting paid to play professionally in the United States and more exposure to the youth and general public.”

During the off season Dupree travels around the country to encourage participation in adaptive sports and informing future athletes about their options.

" I volunteer at the Angel City Games in California to motivate children with disabilities on the west coast, inform their parents about the adaptive sports offered in college and which colleges have them. I tell them how this opportunity changed my life and helped me pursue my degree."

It's important to Dupree to inspire as many people as he can. Through it all he never forgot how it all started and continues to volunteer at Camp No Limit where it all began.

Dupree started Protect My Brother in 2017 to prevent senseless gun and domestic violence in our society.

"With Protect My Brother, I do motivational speaking geared towards nonviolence and overcoming obstacles in life to children and schools. Teaching the next generation about my life’s circumstances and how I handled them through faith, family and support from my community. In the future I plan to make connections and use Protect My Brother's platform to extend awareness to more good causes."

To find out more about how you can support Duprees cause, head over to .

Dupree also had the privilege of Giving a TED talk where he goes further in depth about his story, adaptive sports and Protect My Brother. You can listen at

Dupree would like to remind the world “ When A Curveball Is Thrown At Us In Life We Are Left With Two Options: To Strike Out Or Conquer The Dilemma And Hit A Home Run.” “- Cor’Rales Dupree 

You can catch Dupree this upcoming season repping number 24 and getting pumped up for the game from Migos-Superstars. Thank you to Cor’Rales Dupree for sharing his inspiring story and being IncluZions Adaptive Athlete of the Month!

Cor’Rales Dupree Highlight Tape

When A Curveball Is Thrown At Us In Life We Are Left With Two Options: To Strike Out Or Conquer The Dilemma And Hit A Home Run.” - Cor’Rales Dupree


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